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SEC Power Poll Week 11


Yeah, so Florida is awful this season. At least we have the comedy that is the FBI's investigation into Cam Newton's recruitment. On to the Power Poll! Visit Team Speed Kills for the final tally.

1. Auburn: Is this what the SEC was like back in the day? Or was there more money involved?

2. LSU: Against mighty Louisiana-Monroe, LSU managed 95 yards passing. That is fantastic.

3. Alabama: I like how Nick Saban flipping out on a backup redshirt freshman is somehow celebrated as a teaching moment. I'm sure at clinics this summer, coaches will be taught the proper way to embarrass your player on national television.

4. Arkansas: Since scoring 24 points against Texas A&M, the Hogs have scored an average of 45.8 points per game in the five games since.

5. South Carolina: Not only did South Carolina dominate Florida, they overcame UF's touchdown on the opening kickoff. That is a sign of a mature team.

6. Mississippi State: Who knew that Dan Mullen would be the Sonny The Bull of the SEC? 

7. Florida: Urban Meyer said he was "into solutions" this week. Awesome. Too bad it only took 10 games to get to this point and does not include firing Steve Addazio.

8. Georgia: How many Georgia fans does it take to screw in a light bulb? Wait, why do you need electricity when you can light toilet paper on fire after you blow a 21-7 first quarter lead?

9. Tennessee: At least Tennessee fans can take some pride in that they know Tyler Bray will be their quarterback next season. Florida doesn't have that luxury.

10. Kentucky: The Wildcats might finish with two SEC wins, but they are bowl eligible. Not bad for Joker Phillips' first season.

11. Mississippi: Since Jevon Snead is pumping gas somewhere, the Rebels should be allowed to bring him back for their last two games. 

12. Vanderbilt: The Commodores are upside-down; scoring 18 ppg and allowing 31.6.