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Gators Basketball Game 3: vs. North Carolina A&T

The Gators get back at it Thursday night, facing North Carolina A&T. Two days after Florida's loss to Ohio State, UF not only has to shake off a big loss, but continue to develop as a team.

In their first two games, the Gators (1-1) have 33 turnovers, a result of poor guard play and a continued lack of tough interior play. (Alex Tyus again got the ball slapped out of his hands on a dunk attempt against Ohio State.) Considering UF is shooting lights out, cutting back on turnovers will make a significant different for the Gators. Erving Walker is especially an easy target due to his seven turnovers Tuesday night, but it takes more than one guy to change these errors.

For example, we often see Walker drive into the lane, and realize he is in trouble. This is when he leaves his feet and doesn't know what to do. Have you noticed how the four other guys on the floor react to this? They stand around and watch. I'm not saying Walker is doing the right thing, but the other guys on the floor need to do a better job of getting open, so Walker doesn't think he has to drive to open up the floor.

The other thing UF has to do is get the ball to Chandler Parsons more. He took only six shots Tuesday, after 13 in the opener against UNC-Wilmington. OSU did a very good job of locking him up, and if that is happening, it is up to the other guys to work to get Parsons open or make their own shots.

As for the defense, something has to change. Allowing 48 and 63 percent shooting in the first two games is a trend that cannot continue. I don't think there is one thing that is wrong, but a collection of issues, starting with tightening the press and better man defense in the half court. In the second half of the OSU game, there were possessions when OSU could get an open man just by swinging the ball around the perimeter. That won't work for UF in January.

Tonight's game is at 7pm on Sun Sports or FSN Florida, depending on your location. (See the comment below.)