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Gators defeat North Carolina A&T by 50 points

Playing apparently in front of only close family and friends (just because football sucks, doesn't mean you have to take it out on basketball), the Gators defeated North Carolina A&T, 105-55. 

As happens with a 50 point win, there really wasn't much to take away from the game. Patric Young had an awesome chase down block, with 11 points and six rebounds. But you could have scored and rebounded in this game. The one notable thing was Kenny Boynton being sat down in the first half. Boynton missed a defensive assignment, causing Billy Donovan to immediately pull him. You have to give Donovan credit for teaching a lesson in a game that the players and most fans would see as a glorified scrimmage. Hopefully Boynton responds with maturity and becomes a better player. He has all the talent in the world and more consistent play can finally get him at the point, instead of Erving Walker.

Florida (2-1) plays Morehead State on Sunday.