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Are you worried?

We're playing Bill Simmons and you are Jack-O. The question is; are you worried?

The Gators finally had a game in which the best players made the best plays. We didn't get John Brantley's first cold blooded drive, but Trey Burton, Chris Rainey, Will Hill and Chas Henry all made the most of their chances. The defense forced four turnovers and Urban Meyer did not look like he wanted to puke after the game.

Of course, Florida gave up 21 points in the 4th quarter, was shutout again in the 1st quarter and there is that whole deal with Brantley not making as many plays as he should. Throw in Steve Addazio still calling plays at random (random is not a strategy, people), and there was enough to make you puke after a win. Not to mention, the Gators kicked out Jonathan Dowling, who must have done something horrific to get kicked out of UF. My guess is he stole Bernie Machen's motorcycle.

The Gators control their own destiny to win the SEC, which is all you can ask for in a rebuilding season. But are you worried? Vanderbilt seems like a sure win, even with our ability to play like garbage. The South Carolina game is the SEC East Championship Game, which is just about what we expected. It will be a home game, but UF has lost two of those. Everything seems better though, because Meyer doesn't look like crap and the offense is slightly improved. Either that or UGA's defense made us look good. (The 4-14 third down conversion was a mess, however.)

So, are you worried about not winning the division? Or are you confident that a few rolls of duct tape, suspended running backs and Rolaids will get us to Atlanta?