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Florida beats up on Appalachian State, 48-10

Florida looked like a cold blooded killing machine, but it came against an undersized FCS team. The Gators defeated FCS No.2 Appalachian State, 48-10. The Gators are now 7-4, with the victory in their final home game of the season.

The Gators played well in all phases of the game, but UF's success must be considered with the mind set that Appy State is not an SEC team. The Mountaineers are a good team, but they do not have the depth or size to compete with a FBS team. While Florida can deploy five-start recruits in waves, Appy State has nothing close.

The Gators had 547 yards of offense, scoring on their first three drives. Aside from a Jordan Reed touchdown pass to John Brantley, Florida did not show anything we haven't seen. The difference was playing a team with players 30 pounds lighter and two steps slower. Brantley was 16/22 for 222 yards and an interception, plus his receiving touchdown. Reed threw for one score and had another three on the ground, rushing for 71 yards on 11 carries. Chris Rainey and Trey Burton also had touchdowns.

After the game, Urban Meyer was asked what he took take away from this game. He said he wasn't sure. And that is the problem; did UF win because they played well of because App. State was no match. We'll find out Saturday at FSU how good and serious this team is.