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Florida Gators Sunday Notes

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  • We've used Urban Warfare, Urban Renewal, and now Urban Decay. Yay for headline writers! Now that the season is over, we will have Urban Planning, Urban Redevelopment, and ultimately Housing and Urban Development.
  • Speaking of Urban Meyer, he made an interesting point of saying UF needs "tough-ass players and tough-ass coaches" in order to rebuild. John Brantley replied by saying UF has tough players, citing Jeff Demps playing with a bad foot. You could also count Brantley's injuries, Andre Debose's bad legs, Jaye Howard re-injuring his ankle, Jon Bostic playing with a bruised sternum and Ahmad Black finally breaking down after carrying the defense on his back for 12 games. It's BS of the highest order for Meyer, when he thought about retiring because of his esophagus. Meyer can only look at himself, when he wasn't tough enough to remove Steve Addazio after last season or tough enough to build an offense around the talent he has. Toughness starts at the top. Meyer's soliloquy last night would have been taken a lot more seriously if he did it in January 2010.
  • If toughness starts at the top, so does discipline. Michael DiRocco of the Florida Times-Union drops the hammer on the Gators and their penalties and lack of ball handling. Read the entire post for a reason as to why Debose might not be getting as much playing time as his talents deserve.
  • Miami Herald writer Mike McCall continues his stellar work by talking you off the ledge. Just ignore the train wreck.
  • Palm Beach Post writer Jason Lieser, who has also done fine work in his first year on the beat, gives us the best line for Florida's quarterbacks; "One is a complete misfit in the offense, one can't throw and one is OK at both."
  • UF defensive line coach Dan McCarney is reportedly taking the North Texas job, according to Joe Schad. As long as he doesn't bring Sharrif Floyd with him, I don't really care. Although, I don't like hearing that a coach was negotiating for a new gig with regular season games remaining.
  • By the way, if you can stomach it, Gator Basketball plays at FSU tonight. But judging by the way UF has played in their last two games, maybe Sunday Night Football will be easier to watch.
  • Finally, brace yourselves for FSU fans taunting you for their 31-7 win when they fill your McDonald's order. Kindly remind them that the numbers that matter are 30 and 51. Those are the differences between UF's (17, 53) and FSU's (47, 104) ranks in the US News & World Report rankings for public universities and national universities
  • As for the FSU fans recently commenting, thanks for reading. (And emailing!) I've noticed some of our new commenters claiming that my rips on FSU are the result of Florida's poor season. Oh no, sir. We do this all the time.