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SEC Power Poll Week 9


The cream is starting to rise to the top. Here's our power poll ballot. Visit Team Speed Kills for the final tally.

1. Auburn: Cam Newton should not be allowed to catch touchdown passes. It's not fair.

2. Alabama: Aside from the South Carolina loss, Alabama has not allowed more than 20 points in any game. Five opponents have been held to 10 points or less.

3. LSU: Will Tigers fans ever get over Saban moving to the Dolphins, and then Alabama? Or do they hang on to it because hate is an easy emotion to hold?

4. Mississippi State: The death of Nick Bell makes your stomach hurt. When a person passes away before their prime, especially one that is in seemingly perfect physical condition, it should make you cherish each day you have.

5. South Carolina: Marcus Lattimore is a man among boys. He has scored a touchdown in every game he has played and has two games of 180+ yards of rushing. In SC's two losses, he was held to 33 and 79 yards rushing.

6. Arkansas: Saturday's game against South Carolina will show if the Hogs really recovered from the losses to Alabama and Auburn. Beating Vandy and Ole Miss is no accomplishment.

7. Florida: Gator fans know we escaped from Jacksonville. But we feel better about it because for the first time this season, Urban didn't have the constipated face after the game.

8. Georgia: Aaron Murray will be a great quarterback some day. But Mark Richt might not be around to see it.

9. Tennessee: Yes, they are 0-5 in the league. But they should have defeated LSU, played UF and Oregon hard for a half, and the Gamecocks needed four takeaways and a 70-yard touchdown pass in the 4th quarter to defeat the Vols. They are the best 2-6 team in the country.

10. Kentucky: Time for UK's annual run to a crappy bowl game played in the state of Tennessee. 

11. Mississippi: The Rebel Bears are upside-down; scoring 31 points per game and allowing 34 points per game.

12. Vanderbilt: If there was a good season for Vandy to take down UF, this would be it. But they've lost leading rusher Warren Norman to injury and UF finally has some confidence.