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Fun with video: Trey Burton runs through Georgia

Thanks to the wonders of technology, even a former undersized TBYFL center like me can break down game film like Ron Jaworski. Let's take a look at Trey Burton's 51 yard touchdown run against Georgia.

The first thing to note is that Burton and the running back are five-yards behind the line. In the pistol offense, the quarterback is four yards back, with the running back behind him. In some shotgun offenses, the quarterback is seven yards back. But in the spread, especially Florida's, the quarterback is five-yards back, no matter which Pouncey is snapping the ball. Unlike the pistol, the back is on the QB's hip.

Florida has a five-man line, with fullback Steven Wilks lined up between the left tackle and guard. I know this as the five hole, you might know it as the B gap or another name. At the snap, the UF line blocks everyone in front of them except for a few exemptions. RG Maurice Hurt pulls left and doesn't block anyone. It appears as if he should chip Georgia's #50 Darryl Gamble. LT Marcus Gilbert chips Georgia end #75 Kiante Tripp, but his target is #45 Christian Robinson, who is five yards up field. Wilks follows by holding up Tripp long enough to prevent him from making a play. Gamble is too slow to react to Burton, as he is still hoping that Burton will pitch to the option. On the right side of the line, Mike Pouncey takes out a Georgia linebacker and Xavier Nixon takes out the Georgia end. 

The next thing to note is the Georgia linebackers. They are reacting to Hurt pulling and Wilks going through the left side of the line. When Burton cuts back right, there is no one to stop him. In addition, Georgia safety #36 Shawn Williams, loses his position and drops inside the hashes. Burton will run right through the area Williams just vacated. 

There are a few other things to note here. Since the Gators were able to push the Georgia linemen off, they created enough traffic up field to prevent clean shots on Burton. In addition, the awful block at the top of the screen I think might be John Brantley. (Note the left knee brace, the sleeves and no gloves.) Georgia #19 Sanders Commings has to throw Brantley off of him, but that gives Burton time to get by. 

We have to ask what is Burton thinking on the play. On the classic Percy Harvin option, Harvin follows the fullback. In this case, the fullback and guard go left, but Burton sees the unblocked UGA end. When Burton looks back right, there is a huge hole and the Georgia secondary followed the pulling guard. The question of Burton as a ball hog or intelligent option quarterback is still debatable.

There was a lot of luck involved in this play, but the harder you work, the luckier you get. On this play, enough players did their job, and Burton scored.