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Alligator Army Gameday Notes

  • Bolton has scored more times against Spurs (4) than Vanderbilt will score against Florida (3).
  • Pat Dooley calls this a "sandwich game." This sounds like a good title to rip off for our game thread. I was planning on "Time to right the ship," but I don't know that many people realize that a commodore is a Naval officer.
  • In case you did not see this, here is the most embarrassing thing UF has done this season.  
  • Both the Gainesville Sun and Palm Beach Post have articles on the Gators up-tempo Banzai offense. The Sun gives credit to wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni for putting the plan into place. I guess when Steve Addazio is demoted after the season (crosses fingers, knocks on wood), Azzanni is the prime candidate to replace him.
  • Jordan Reed will see time at quarterback, because why the hell not?
  • Vanderbilt tried this week to simulate the Gators' up-tempo. But, unless Vandy brought the basketball players to practice, they don't have the athletes to match UF in practice or a game.