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Florida Gators Sunday Notes

  • John Brantley, Trey Burton and Jordan Reed are not Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey, but the Gators' will use their triumvirate to carry them for the remainder of the season. Pat Dooley writes that the new offense is essentially using three quarterbacks, not some sort of genius gameplanning. He also notes that when Brantley was in, Vandy blitzed, and UF can't deal with that. The Palm Beach Post thinks the play of Brantley will lead to Urban Meyer never recruiting a pro-style quarterback again.
  • As good as Reed was, the best player on the field again was Chris Rainey. He had three big plays; two punt blocks and a 40-yard touchdown pass in which he saved Brantley's underthrown ball. And he should be the permanent punt returner, since he has earned his spot as kick returner. I'd rather have Rainey return punts, than hope he blocks a punt. If you like Rainey so much as a punt blocker, make Andre Debose as the punt returner.
  • Speaking of special teams, the two blocks were nice. But UF had a punt and PAT blocked. In addition, Janoris Jenkins is scared to catch the ball in the sun. On one of the first three punts he avoided, the ball came down and struck a Gator, allowing Vandy to fall on the ball. Later, he fielded a punt inside the five, which lead to a block in the back penalty. Jenkins is a great player, but he doesn't have the skills to be a punt returner.
  • Before you get all excited about the big plays, remember, Vandy sucks.
  • By the way, UF trotted out their spokesman to deny that Urban was behind the leaked report of Cam Newton and straight cash homie. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.
  • If you are an old man like me, you missed the end of Arkansas kicking the crap out of South Carolina, 41-20. Ryan Mallett threw for 303 yards, and the Hogs limited Marcus Lattimore to 30 yards on the ground. But one Gamecock columnist thinks the Cocks have the SEC East wrapped up next week in Gainesville.
  • Finally, I've accepted the idea that FSU is better than UF and will be favored over the Gators on Thanksgiving weekend. But it was hilarious that the Noles lost to UNC with a wide right