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SEC Power Poll Week 10


Here is our week 10 power poll. Visit Team Speed Kills for the final tally.

1. Auburn: As soon as I start to feel sympathy for Cam Newton, another skeleton crawls out of his closet and yells, "War Eagle!"

2. LSU: Auburn will lose to Georgia and Alabama, and LSU will run the table, win the SEC and win the National Championship. No one is stopping Les Miles this season.

3. Alabama: Nick Saban was probably so mad after losing to LSU, his hair coloring fell out.

4. Arkansas: The Hogs have the second best passing offense in the nation with 359 yards per game.

5. Mississippi State: Dan Mullen's eulogy at Nick Bell's memorial service was one of the most eloquent statements I have heard a coach make. 

6. South Carolina: Despite the presence of Marcus Lattimore and his NFL ability, South Carolina is 72nd in rushing offense (147 yards per game). That is 9th in the SEC.

7. Florida: I love the idea that Urban Meyer is the source behind the leak of Cam Newton's skeletons, especially since he hates the media. But the theory fits in with the SEC's history of chaos, which is why people like the theory. However, revealing information about a college student's grades is a violation of federal law, and I hope Urban isn't crazy enough to break federal privacy laws.

8. Georgia: Mark Richt is going to have to pray really hard to beat Auburn. Unfortunately for him, God has better things to worry about than Georgia becoming bowl eligible.

9. Tennessee: How did UT-Ole Miss get to be on the SEC doubleheader when you also have South Carolina-UF and Miss State-Alabama? Also, don't be surprised when UT runs the table and makes a bowl game.

10. Kentucky: The Wildcats will beat Vandy Saturday, and set up the Awful Bowl against Tennessee for the SEC's worst bowl bid. Hello Birmingham!

11. Mississippi: Speaking of the SEC on CBS, at what point does Uncle Verne hand the headset to Gus Johnson? Gus was losing his mind during Jets-Lions last week. I can't imagine what he would do during an LSU game.

12. Vanderbilt: Vandy is the reason why they need a running clock if the game is out of hand.