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Who will replace Urban Meyer?

Who is it going to be?

My preference is Dan Mullen, simply for the fact that he has proven he can run the spread and develop an offense around the talent he has. His first two years at Mississippi State and first two years at Florida proved that. Those teams were not scoring machines, but they scored enough to win without a true spread. Also, Mullen would be able to hold quarterback Jeff Driskel as the main prize of recruiting season.

Charlie Strong is a good pick too, but I think the defense is fine and the advantage to hiring him would be to have a strong leader. I don't want Bobby Petrino, who is always looking for the next gig rather than worrying about winning. Also, I don't see Utah's Kyle Wittingham or TCU's Gary Patterson, since they have just taken their teams into BCS conferences. Florida might be a better job than those two, but the exposure in Los Angeles (Utah) and the Northeast (TCU) will make up for it.

Wittingham and Patterson are options below, as is Bob Stoops. Chip Kelly is not because Nike's Phil Knight will pay anything to keep the only coach in Oregon history to go to a National Championship game. Also, you can forget about Tony Dungy (people seem to forget that he gave up control of his teams as he got older), Jon Gruden (got fired because he lost his team) and any current NFL coordinator. As for Stoops, I don't see that as likely because UF would have to pay a lot for him. The Gators have money, but it is not our style to overpay.