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Florida Gators Notebook: UF hires Will Muschamp

  • Pat Dooley calls the hiring of Will Muschamp as head coach "a great hire" and goes through Muschamp's bio. Muschamp's career has pretty much connected him to every major SEC program; spent part of his childhood in Gainesville, played at Georgia, coached at Auburn and LSU. While making the case that UF essentially hired Texas' future head coach, Dooley also notes that Muschamp's team was 5-7 this season. 
  • Dooley also has the first legitimate report that Urban Meyer resigned due to health issues. Writing in today's Gainesville Sun, Dooley says, "Meyer was told by doctors last week that the symptoms he continues to experience — including burning sensations in his chest — would raise his cardiovascular risk factors, so he decided it necessitated his resignation, according to the source. Meyer had been told a year ago that if his symptoms continued it would increase his cardiovascular risks if he kept coaching." Assuming this is accurate, and we have absolutely no reason to believe it isn't accurate, Meyer's health problems have been worse than previously reported. It also confirms that the rumors of heart problems were fairly accurate. It also says something about men's health; if you are in your 40s and 50s, you really need to see a doctor once a year. Don't be a tough guy and think you can fight off that nagging pain.
  • Andy Staples, a former Gator walkon, notes that one bad season at Texas took the shine off Muschamp. But Jeremy Foley felt that Muschamp was still a great coach and had the ability to run an elite program. Staples also tells the story of Muschamp going to UF to inquire about playing as a walkon, only to be stiffed by a Gators staff member.
  • The Sun's Ed Aschoff is sticking with the report that Major Applewhite will be the offensive coordinator. There are still rumors that other names are available, but Aschoff's report lends legitimacy to this story.
  • If you're not excited about Applewhite, the Tuscaloosa News reports that Muschamp is targeting Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart for the same position at UF. Last season, Muschamp and Smart were among the highest paid coordinators, both earning in the high triple figures.
  • Florida defensive coordinator Teryl Austin told the Palm Beach Post that he would like to stay on in Gainesville. It is also apparent that while UF took the time to create a very developed release announcing the hire of Muschamp, they didn't take the time to tell their coaches still under contract. Although the release says Muschamp is a "One-time Gainesville native" which is absolutely dumb. You can't be a one-time native. You are a native or a resident. I can't express how much that headline annoyed me.
  • The Austin American-Statesman says that Texas was stunned by Florida's hiring of Muschamp. There is also no word if UF contacted Texas officials before speaking with Muschamp, which they would have done if Muschamp was a head coach. What is clear is that Muschamp's Texas contract, while doubled when he was named coach-in-waiting, contained no buyouts or timeline for becoming a head coach. We think of Jimbo Fisher's coach-in-waiting contract at FSU, but Texas did not have the same thinking because they were not trying to force out their head coach like FSU was.
  • Finally, wasn't the 30 for 30 film last night about SMU totally awesome?