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How excited are you about Will Muschamp?

My reaction to Florida's hiring of Will Muschamp was surprise, then realization that this is exactly the type of hire Jeremy Foley would make. The lack of head coaching experience does not mean as much, since Muschamp was coach-in-waiting at Texas. If Muschamp was good enough to be the future coach at Texas, he is good enough to be the current head coach at Florida.

I like the move also for the fact that Muschamp can hold the title "Gator killer." As a coordinator, only Kirby Smart at Alabama has provided the heartburn Muschamp gave to UF in 2006 and '07 while working at Auburn. With the possibility of the Georgia job opening in the near future, the Bulldogs could have reached out to their former defensive back. Instead, Muschamp will be in Gainesville. This is like the Red Sox signing Carl Crawford, so he can't steal six bases against them again.

I also found it interesting that UF has replaced a nearly comatose Urban Meyer with a guy notorious for acting like a maniac on the sidelines. Meyer wasn't always a wallflower, but his health forced him to become an ineffective coach, especially when it came to rallying the team. Muschamp gives chest bumps to first-round draft picks.

I am excited about this hire for the reasons above and that Muschamp is a defensive guy. I'll wait to see who his offensive coordinator is, but at least we have one of the more brilliant defensive minds in college football at the top.

What do you think?