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Will Muschamp press conference live blog

7:22pm- One big take away; I think John Brantley is in deep trouble. I realize that Muschamp wants to wait for a coordinator and Brantley wasn't exactly John Unitas in 2010. But he barely acknowledged him. The line about Muschamp talking to Mack Brown and Greg Davis at Texas about Brantley is especially telling. Muschamp was still at Auburn when Brantley jumped from Texas to UF. It was strange to even make the comment, especially when every sportswriter in the room was doing the math and figuring out if Brantley and Muschamp have crossed paths.

7:20pm- That's it. If you like motivational speakers, he is your guy. But, I don't blame you if you're not sold yet. Especially since I thought Muschamp was trying to sell himself for 40 minutes.

7:19pm- Asked about Brantley again, Muschamp talks about Brantley not going to Texas to the Texas staff. But that doesn't make sense. Brantley's first year at UF was 2007. Muschamp was still at Auburn. 

7:14pm- Asked to compare Texas and UF, Muschamp refuses, but says Mrs. Muschamp was on board for going to UF. Says he will only observe practice before the bowl game. Told players they can make a first impression on him. Also, reminded them it was exam week. Oh, to be in college again!

7:12pm- The Sentinel's Mike Bianchi mentions that Bob Stoops was a similar age when he got his first head coaching gig. Muschamp says you do look at some similar cases, but it's his job to find the "key" that gets the best out of a player. Says hiring an offensive coordinator is critical since he is a defensive mind.

7:10pm- Andy Staples of SI asks if Muschamp thought he could get a call when Urban retired. Said he was "relived" when Foley called. Also, he lived next door to the house that looks like a spaceship. YEAH GAINESVILLE REFERENCES NO ONE GETS!

7:08pm- The Post's Jason Lieser asks about Muschamp growing up in Georgia. Yeah, that answer went no where. Sometimes that happens. 

7:06pm- The Sentinel's Rachel George asks about retaining the staff. Muschamp says "there are outstanding coaches" on the staff, but looking for guys that have his temperment on the field. Then some ass from an Orlando TV station asks if Urban could be special teams coordinator, ruining a legit question about handling the pressure in a way that Urban couldn't. 

7:04pm- Ooh, not good for John Brantley. When asked who is the starting QB, Muschamp says, "I haven't even looked at the roster yet." Leaves that decision to a coordinator.

7:02pm- Pat Dooley makes a jokes about Muschamp playing as a kid as certain Gators, then asks if playing in the SEC previously is an advantage. Muschamp says it's not necessarily an advantage, says good coaches prepare their guys, where ever they play.

7:01pm- Just used the third person in describing his relationship with Texas. Then he rattled off Texas administration people like a presidential candidate naming foreign leaders.

7:00pm- Muschamp talks about working with Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban and playing at UGA.

6:59pm- Muschamp finishes his 20 minute opening statement by looking for some water.

6:57pm- Nothing done before bowl games in terms of coaching staff. Wants a special teams coordinator. Mentions Bill Parcells line about only QB's and o-linemen should not play special teams.

6:57pm- Says he has "zero timetable" on getting a staff. You better get on that then. Says no one has been offered a job. Wants multiple looks on defense, "got to have something that is flexible enough to adjust." Says defense is his strength, says he could call defense.

6:55pm- Offensively, he says UF will be balanced. Says it all starts on the line. Wants to run the ball to develop toughness. Then says, "you also got to be able to throw it." Keeps repeating that UF will be balanced. Wants "an experienced play caller" with NFL and college experience. Wants someone who can evaluate roster and recruit to who they want to be. That alone is an improvement over Addazio.

6:51pm- I feel like Muschamp is just rattling off information to prove he is worthy of the job. He needs to relax, it's only December.

6:50pm- Says Meyer will be involved in the program. Um, we'll see about that. The UAA has better things to worry about than what Urban Meyer thinks now.

6:48pm- Tebow called Muschamp Saturday night and Spurrier called him today. All that is missing is Wuerffel and you'd have the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost of Florida Football.

6:47pm- Muschamp references Wilbur Marshall and games so long ago that I was not alive. 

6:46pm- Wants the Gator Nation to come together to help players start careers. That's business careers, folks. Remember, not everyone is an NFL player. 

6:44pm- If our kids don't want to get a degree, they don't get to be here, according to Muschamp. Calls it the "Florida Way." Wants to get a team pastor involved too. Um, what about St. Augustine's, coach? It's right across the street.

6:43pm- Muschamp talks about leadership and mental condition, something that UF lacked this season. That said, he follows the Urban Meyer philosophy that a mistake (read: crime) doesn't make him a bad kid.

6:41pm- Muschamp says the most impressive thing about UF is the administration and references playing in his house off 8th avenue as a kid. His kids names are Jackson and Whit (Whitt?), which would only be more Southern if they were named Robert E. Lee. 

6:40pm- Muschamp "expectations at Florida are winning championships." Muschamp is talking a mile a minute. Says he is the right fit at the right time, and it does not matter that he lacks head coaching experience.

6:39pm- Muschamp "honored and proud." Good start. The oxford shirt, not so much. 

6:37pm- Foley says Muschamp has been on the big stage and "the perfect fit for this institution."

6:36pm- Of all the orange and blue ties, the UF UAA rep had the ugliest one I have seen. Now the Grinch is up to introduce Jeremy Foley.

6:35pm- Mick calls the UF president Bernie and not Bernard Machen. Thanks for joining us, Mick.

6:33pm- Rumor is that Muschamp is late because he was finishing his dinner of manatee spare ribs.

6:31pm- Mick Hubert and Brady Ackerman are not wearing ties. Not cool, guys. They should have made a Jos. A. Bank run. They have massive sales every day it seems.

6:30pm- Hey Mick! The best part was Mick calling UF the "Fightin' Gators." We really need more violent mascots. Maybe Muschamp can bring UF a live alligator mascot.

Awww, yeah, it's the Will Muschamp introductory press conference live blog! Wooo! Join us, won't you?