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Who will be Florida's quarterback next season?

Will Muschamp seems like a fine gentlemen and someone who can lead the Gators to victories without developing a heart condition. But I was a bit concerned that when Muschamp was asked about who would be quarterback next season, he said he would look at the roster. I understand that Muschamp has had the job for three days, but the quarterback at Florida is kinda big deal. For everything Muschamp laid out during his press conference, he was the least forthcoming on anything related to John Brantley.

Perhaps I am getting too far ahead, but aside from talking about a coordinator with pro experience and running a "balanced" and "pro-style" offense, Muschamp did not reveal much. Which brings us to something else he said; between now and the Outback Bowl, he will be evaluating the team. He does this following the emergence of Trey Burton, Jordan Reed proving his worth, Jeff Driskel confirming his commitment to UF and Brantley implying that he is considering a future that does not include UF.

If you have been reading Alligator Army this season, you know that I was a big Brantley backer, until it became obvious he couldn't function in the offense. I blamed the coaches for a large share of his problems and thought Brantley should transfer, to prevent himself from playing the spread. Now, it is almost unfair that he is playing for a job under Muschamp by continuing to run an offense that never fit him.

I would like to see Brantley stick around for a pro-style coordinator, but I can't blame Muschamp if he decides to go in a different direction at quarterback. If Brantley does transfer, it answers part of Muschamp's open ended comment from the press conference. If not, I think Brantley could be the guy next year.

What do you say?