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The end for Janoris Jenkins?

The news that Janoris Jenkins will miss Saturday's Outback Bowl with a bad shoulder might not mean the end for Jenkins' career at Florida. It is believed that Jenkins had his labrum repaired, an injury that can be easily be rehabilitated.

Jenkins has to consider the future of the NFL as well as his injury. If Jenkins was a junior last year, he should have come out and been a first round draft pick. However, the 2011 NFL Draft will have a much different financial forecast, if the draft even happens. The NFL owners are determined to break the NFL Players' Association, with one of the main planks for the owners being the elimination of the financial scale that first round draft picks are given. The owners want to either remove the scale or drastically reduce it. Some players have been open to the change to the rookie scale, as long as the savings goes into higher wages for veterans.

Jenkins has to decide if it is worth it to enter the 2011 draft as pick 25 or enter the 2012 draft as pick 10. There are no guarantees, but Jenkins is as good as Joe Haden and he was the 7th pick in 2010. Jenkins has to decide how much the money means to him and if he can trade a secure season at UF for an insecure one in the NFL. If he leaves now, he will still be a millionaire, but also risks the possibility of an NFL season shortened by the owner's lockout. That time spent away from the field could impact his game shape, which as anyone who has played sports will tell you, is totally different than actually being in shape. 

Ultimately, I would expect Jenkins to declare for the draft, bad shoulder and all. Yet, there is still a chance he could stay.