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Alligator Army Pick'em Winner and Alligator Army Bowl Pick'em announcement

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Like a disgruntled mailman, postalgator won the annual Alligator Army Pick'em with a strong final weekend. postalgator was 7-3 in the final week of the season, winning the competition by one game. We had 39 entries, and 15 were above .500.

postalgator, email your mailing address to to claim your prize of the Gridiron Gators DVD.

With the bowl games just announced, we're opening up our Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em. Like the pick'em, we're using Yahoo, but instead of a spread, you earn points by confidence picks. To sign up, go here and enter league ID: 6544 and password: army.

The winner of the Bowl Pick'em will receive a 2011 Vintage Florida Gators Calendar

Good luck!