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Urban Meyer resigns live blog

6:39pm: Mick Hubert signs us off by saying it's the end of the Urban Meyer Era. Should have punctuated that with an OHHHHH MYYYYY!!!!!

6:36pm: Pouncey and Black finish the presser by hugging the Meyer kids and Shelley. Depressed Mick Hubert returns on camera.

6:33pm: Fantastic question by the Sun's Ed Aschoff, who basically asked Pouncey and Black if the players are partially at fault for Urban resigning with their ineffectiveness. Pouncey gives a good response about moving on to the Outback Bowl. 

6:32pm: Foley finishes and is followed by Mike Pouncey (in a sweet 'TC' Twins hat) and Ahmad Black. Black says Urban helped him become a man. Pouncey says the team is supportive, but the young guys are worried about who is coming in next.

6:30pm: Foley remains the steady hand at the wheel. Such a pro in discussing Meyer's decision and his upcoming decision on the new coach.

6:28pm: Urban talked to Foley on Saturday, but said Urban showed no indication of this during the season. But, Foley said he wasn't totally surprised.

6:27pm: Pat Dooley sort of asks if Foley was pleased that Urban came back. This is the question that needs to be really hashed out; was Urban a lame duck and is that why the team had so many problems? Dooley asked if Urban's health was what mattered, and Foley agrees with that, but football fans are crazy. There is more concern about the team, not the coach's health.

6:23pm: Foley discussing "turmoil" of coaching changes reminds people that all coaches are still under contract. Also they are all on the road.

6:22pm: Foley says Urban is at peace and won't change his mind. 

6:20pm: Foley on coaching search, "You're not going to go too fast. You've got to hire the right person." On having a bad day, "It's an ok day."

6:19pm: Foley: "We will begin immediately to develop candidates." Has been getting texts about coaches and won't comment on those rumors.

6:16pm: Jeremy Foley takes the podium and recounts his original visit to Utah to sign Urban. Said it was a privilege to work with Urban in the "foxhole". 

6:15pm: Urban gives "a lot of reasons" for why the offense sucked. No details. Just that quote.

6:12pm: Urban "Florida deserves the best and I'm not sure we gave them our best this year."

6:12pm: The Sentinel's Mike Bianchi asks the best question as to why Urban said he would fix UF, but is now resigning. Urban attributes some of it to losing players and coaches. He adds the infrastructure is good, but the kids are there too. As for what changed, Urban said "deep family discussions."

6:10pm: ESPN's Tom Rinaldi brings down the room by asking "Why?" Urban gets philosophical by mentioning that he hasn't seen his daughters play volleyball and that not being with his kids has made an impact. That's followed by a recruiting, which is what you people really care about. In that regard, Urban says "Florida is Florida" as to why kids will come here and that he will help recruit.

6:06pm: Urban says he is stepping down for his family. Said he made his decision early this week and decided yesterday. "In the immediacy, no," in regards to coaching.

6:03pm UF President Bernie Machen took time out of being a rotten Mr. Grinch to introduce Urban and talk about the 95 football players who Urban will graduate. The percentage of players is 2nd to Vandy in the SEC. Also, a St. Augustine's Church reference! ROMAN CATHOLICS IN THE HOUSE!

6:00pm Wow, Mick Hubert is hosting the presser with Brady Ackerman. It's weird hearing Mick's serious voice.

5:57pm I like how the pre-show for Urban's presser is a Gatorzone episode seemingly about buying UF gear. Jeremy Foley always be closing.

Oh, hi, what's going on? Yeah, nothing much, except the total rebuilding of the Florida Gators beginning at the top with Urban Meyer's resignation today. So join us in the live blog of his 6pm news conference.