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Why Do The Gators Need A Co-Defensive Coordinator?

Several outlets have reported that Arizona Cardinals secondary coach Teryl Austin will be the Gators' new co-defensive coordinator, joining Chuck Heater. This is not confirmed, however. What I don't understand is why Florida can make Heater full time coordinator and just worry about position coaches?

In 2005 and '06, the Gators were successful with Greg Mattison and Charlie Strong, but those two had a previous relationship at Notre Dame. Heater will now be asked to work with a relative stranger. These coaches are professionals, but we already saw internal politics send Billy Gonzales to LSU, so don't think these guys can't get jealous or upset. Heater, if he wants to be sole coordinator, can point to 30 years experience in college football. But Austin offers things Heater does not have; young guy, NFL experience and two Super Bowl appearances.

Austin having what Heater lacks and vice versa might be the reason why Urban Mayer (and Steve Addazio) thinks this is a good fit. But I always wonder if too many coaches spoil the roster.