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Urban Meyer's Leave Of Absence Begins With Another Arrest

Urban Meyer is on his way to getting his Blackberry surgically removed from his hand and DT Gary Brown is slapping women at a party.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office arrested Brown, 19, at 7:23 a.m. [Sunday morning] after his open hand struck the face of a woman trying to kick people out of a party, according to the police report. Another woman intervened and got scratched by Brown as he attempted to slap her arms away, according to the report.

That must have been some party for Brown to fight people making him leave. Also, Brown's buddy seemed to be more pissed about being asked to leave. Or he needed to release his frustration about the Gators losing to Xavier.

The co-defendant on Brown’s police report faces a felony charge of larceny grand theft of a fire extinguisher. An Alachua Sheriff’s Office clerk said he allegedly used the extinguisher to spray people.

The Orlando Sentinel counts this as the 27th arrest in Urban Meyer's five year tenure and we believe it since the Sentinel tracks Alachua County court records like pervs track facebook. Brown is expected to face a judge Monday morning. According to the Gainesville Sun, UF officials had not responded to the charges. We hope that Brown ends up becoming a tackling dummy for Dominique Easley, Sharrif Floyd and Ronald Powell. That is if he doesn't get kicked off the team. Hitting a guy does not seem like a "kicked off the team" offense. Hitting a woman could be, open hand or not.

[Update] Steve Addazio drops the swift hammer of justice that only an offensive line coach can drop; indefinite suspension!