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What The Gators And Other College Sports Figures Are Giving Up For Lent

If you have noticed people walking around with a black smudge on their head like Joe Biden, don't be alarmed. Every year, 46 days prior to Easter, Catholics and other Christian denominations celebrate Ash Wednesday. Religious tradition says Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent, which represents the story of Jesus' 40 days in the desert and avoiding temptations. Modern tradition makes it a way to give up something you shouldn't do or lose weight before Spring Break. 

But what are our beloved Gators and others giving up for Lent? Here are our guesses;

Dan Werner: Being awful.

Billy Donovan: Playing Dan Werner. (I was always bummed out that Donovan never wore the ashes for Gator games. Maybe it would look weird with his hairline.)

Jeff Demps: Being awesome

Brandon Spikes: Poking people. He will continue to poke people on facebook.

Tim Tebow: Doing things other than preparing to become an NFL player. (Just kidding. Tebow thinks Catholics are pussies for giving up temptations for only 46 days. Tebow has zero temptations 365 days a year.)

Oregon Running Backs: Committing random acts of violence.

DaMarcus Cousins: His cell phone number.

John Calipari: Coaching in college. (What! No, I haven't heard anything. What have you heard?)

Big XII Commissioner Dan Beebe: Texas (to the Big Ten), Texas A&M (to the SEC), Colorado (to the Pac-10).

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive: N/A (Jewish).

NCAA: Control over Division 1 Football to the ACC, Big Ten, Pac-10 and SEC.