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Former Gator Dwayne Schintzius Struggling With Leukemia

From the St. Pete Times;

Former Florida All-America center Dwayne Schintzius is at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa getting treatment in what has become a months-long battle with leukemia.

Schintzius, 41, had a bone marrow transplant about three weeks ago with marrow donated from his brother, Travis. At the time the prognosis seemed encouraging for the former Brandon High star...

But his condition apparently has not significantly improved.

"Since that time, things have changed," said Myrna Stall, Dwayne Schintzius' aunt. "The situation is not good. I can tell you that."

...Scott Love, a close friend of Schintzius, said the family has been by his side at the hospital since he was diagnosed.

"He can't take visitors now," Love said. "It's just his mother, father and brother — they've been staying up there. I text message him, but right now he's still kind of out of it."

Schintzius mentioned to Love at lunch that he'd been feeling ill shortly before his diagnosis in early November.

"He thought he had the flu," Love said. "As soon as they found out, they put him in the hospital. When they found out, they were like, Man, you need to get to Moffitt now."

Love visited Schintzius often before his bone marrow transplant. He was placed in an induced coma for about two weeks before the procedure. Love said it has been a difficult few months for Schintzius.

"He was depressed," Love said. "He'd been there for a long time, so he was just wanting to get out. They did let him get out for Christmas, but he's just tired of being there."

For many of us, Gator Basketball began with Billy Donovan, so we know Schintzus as an NBA player. I wasn't even aware he was a Hillsborough County guy. Schintzus was an AP All-American in 1989, which was also UF's first SEC Championship.