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Did You Hear The One About Urban Coaching The Cowboys?

This is what happens when coaches pull their talking points from message board BS. From the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler;

Mack Brown heard that Meyer was leaving after National Signing Day and he’ s just trying to "save the recruiting class." Fair enough. Brown said didn’t believe it.

"They would say, he’s tricking ya’ll — he’s going to the NFL to coach the Dallas Cowboys," Brown said. "I was like ‘What?’ There’s no way."

Brown, a solid Gators commitment signing his letter of intent on Wednesday, wouldn’t say which coaches fed him the Cowboys talk. Tennessee and Florida State have recruited Brown extensively in the last month, Brown said.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED! that negative recruiting is going on around here. And I love that Jimbo's Flying Circus and Tennessee might be the two teams involved. Jimbo Fisher probably showed up to Mack Brown's house with a bright orange wig and red nose.

In other recruiting news, DT recruit Leon Orr continues to jump through NCAA hoops in order to remain enrolled at Florida. Orr is from Pasco County, but I will refrain from insulting the fine, fine people of that lovely county. 

Tomorrow looks to be a quiet day for UF, unless they pull off upsets and gain LB Christian Jones from FSU or lose OL Chaz Green. ESPN's Joe Schad has Green in Gainesville with Baltimore WR Adrian Coxson. Schad also has the Bama Banged John Brantley, circa 2006, as his twitter wallpaper