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Tim Tebow 5.0?

From ESPN's Adam Schefter, Tim Tebow is becoming a new man;

In an effort to quiet his critics and refine his game, Tebow is changing the way he holds a football, shifting it from his waist to his shoulder. He is concentrating on taking three- and five-step drops instead of working out of the shotgun formation he did at Florida.

It looks like Tebow is finally taking time out of his busy promotional schedule to train with success. But, he won't unveil the new motion at the Combine, waiting instead for Pro Day in Gainesville on March 17. To Tebow's credit, he says he would have changed his motion even if he wasn't being criticized for it.

Asked if he would have embarked on such an extensive and exhausting process had his performance at the Senior Bowl not been so roundly criticized, Tebow said: "Probably, just because of the quarterback coaches I've been working with. I want to get better. I want to be around people who will push me. I will do anything to get better. Without hearing the criticism, I would have done it.

"It's made me more confident, more accurate. And that's not to say I haven't had this type of coaching in the past. I just have had different coaching than this NFL style."

Tebow's tutors are working on his footwork especially, while putting the ball on his shoulder is making the ball come out much quicker. Of course, the most important thing is that Tebow remains his own biggest motivation.

"Things like this are challenges for him," [former NFL offensive coordinator Zeke] Bratkowski said. "He doesn't have rabbit ears, but he knows what people are saying and he hears it -- and that motivates him. He is working hard to make sure what he is doing now is something he can showcase later."

Tebow does not plan to wait long.

"I've done this several thousand times," Tebow said. "With continued work, I will have this down pat by minicamp. It will be like second nature. It's not like it feels awkward to me now. I'm excited about the changes I've made."

Let's hope that at Tebow's Pro Day, Aaron Hernandez and Riley Cooper make Tebow look good.