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NFL Combine Preview: Aaron Hernandez

TE Aaron Hernandez (Scheduled to workout with Group 3 on Saturday, February 27)

Size and Statistics: 6-foot-2, 250 pounds. 111 catches, 1382 yards, 12 touchdowns in three seasons. 2009 Mackey Award for nation's best tight end and first team AP All-American.

In 140 characters or less: A tight end in the mold of Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales with a mean streak too.

Strengths: Great hands and leaping ability. He is too big for DBs to cover him and too fast for LBs. Hernandez can run up the seam and build up enough speed that he won't be touched until he gets to the end zone.

Weaknesses: Seems to take plays off when it is not a pass play and could work on using his mean streak to run block. Rounds off pass routes on occasion.

Character: Has never been a problem for Florida. However, there is the often quoted but never confirmed line from Urban Meyer during Hernandez's freshman year, "Aaron will either be in prison or a Hall of Famer."

Where will he go: He needs a good combine and pro day to move into the first round. Otherwise, Miami at 43.