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NFL Combine Preview: Tim Tebow

QB Tim Tebow (Scheduled to workout with Group 4 or 5 on Sunday, February 28)

Size and Statistics: 6-foot-3, 245 pounds. 2947 rushing yards, 57 rushing touchdowns. 661-995 passing (66%), 9285 yards, 88 touchdowns, 16 interceptions. Three-time Heisman finalist, 2007 winner. 2008 Manning Award (best passer), Maxwell Award (best player), Sullivan Award (best amateur athlete). 2007 AP All-American, Davey O'Brien Award (best QB), Maxwell Award.

In 140 characters or less: The Greatest College Football Player of His Generation. But he may never be a successful pro.

Strengths: Wants to win at all costs. One of college football's most fierce and driven players ever. Has a strong arm and has played in an offense with multiple looks. Can run well and has learned to protect himself, but it took a concussion to do it.

Weaknesses: Terrible mechanics that were hidden by a great offensive line and even better receivers. Tebow is also not throwing at the Combine. He has not played in a pro-style system since middle school and is not used to reading coverages from under center. Tebow also struggled with pro-style coverage and blitz packages in 2009 (Tennessee and Alabama especially).

Character: The kid has done nothing wrong. Ever. He is probably the first SEC quarterback to graduate as a virgin, despite coming out of the same program as "The Sex Cannon" Rex Grossman, and "The Bachelor" Jesse Palmer. The only criticism of his character is to accuse him of not wanting to be an NFL quarterback. It's a stretch to accuse, but between the speaking engagements and never taking the time to fix his throwing motion, it is a lot of instances of not preparing for the pros.

Where will he go: Jacksonville at 11 or in a trade down. (Jax can't pass up another North Florida boy, C.J. Spiller, if he gets to 11.) If the Jags don't pick Tebow, take it as a sign owner Wayne Weaver has put a FOR SALE sign on the team. Also, with round 1 on Thursday and round 2 Friday, it is possible Tebow won't know where he is going until Saturday. It is likely Tebow won't fall that far, but anything is possible. The only way that happens is if in interviews, Tebow can't diagram a defense.