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NFL Combine Preview: The Major Wright

S The Major Wright (Scheduled to work out with Group 10 or 11 on Tuesday, March 2)

Size and Statistics: 6-foot, 204 pounds. 165 total tackles, 10 passes defended, eight interceptions in three seasons.

In 140 characters or less: He can hit, but is he ready for the NFL?

Strengths: Reads routes well and has fixed the problems he had with pursuit angles early in his career. The Major can get to the ball quickly and make a big hit when he gets there.

Weaknesses: Wright played in a very good defense that could have covered any flaws. He also played deep upfield, which gave him the advantage of seeing the play develop. He may not have that in the pros. While his angles are better, he can still over pursue. Wright can sell out for the big hit, instead of the safe play.

Character: Never been a problem for Florida and embraced his position, endearing himself to Gator fans fond of another head hunting safety. While UF fans hoped that he would stay, a logjam at safety made it easier for UF and more sense for Wright. Had he stayed, Wright risked devaluing his draft stock.

Where will he go: Some mock drafts have him in the middle rounds, others have him as undrafted. Since Wright loved late Redskins safety Sean Taylor (both wore 21), we will slide in The Major with Washington in round five.