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Gators' Signing Day: The Rich Get Richer

Florida finished their signing day with the max of 28 players, with the overwhelming majority of their consensus Number One class coming before today. The pickups of WR Adrian Coxson, OL Chaz Green and LB Darrin Kitchens was just as huge as not losing any of their previous 25 verbal declarations. Demar Dorsey was lost previously, but that was due to Florida's deep secondary as much as it was Dorsey's own decision.

On ESPNU this afternoon, Urban Meyer said that he will "step away" starting tomorrow, but he will be with the team next season. Think about that when you consider how good this class could be in the future. Meyer sold himself as all coaches do. But he had to sell the university, in case he has a serious health issue during that player's career at UF. The Class of 2010 could be a dud, as is the risk of all classes, but they came for The Glory of The Florida Gators, not Urban. If a kid only wanted to go to Florida because of the coach, or because they wanted a pretty weight room, Meyer did not want them. Give Meyer credit for knowing this. He had to sell the program, more so than himself. The concern of Meyer staying at UF for more than the next five years is legitimate. But, if that happens, he will leave athletes who came to Florida for the program, not the guy in charge.

Meyer is very excited (well, as excited as he gets) about UF's defensive recruits. UF's top six guys are all on defense. With Ronald Powell, Dominique "I realized in 9th grade I like hitting people" Easley, Sharrif Floyd, Leon "Hurricane" Orr, Michael Taylor (who it sounds like recruited UF, not the other way around), and Lynden Trail, the Gators have a brand new defensive front. And that's not including DBs like Jordan Haden (is "lock down corner" a genetic trait?) and Matt Elam. Defense wins championships and with Johnny Brantley slinging it, Florida can compete for a National Championship starting in 2011.

Yes, while the rich got richer today, no class is good enough to win immediately. Billy Donovan's Oh Fours needed two seasons and Urban's Class of 06 needed three and got an assist as freshmen. But the epicness of this class puts the 2010 SEC East in play. Tennessee did a very good job today, while Georgia got screwed on some battles with FSU. Maybe this is the homer in me, but Florida has to be the division favorite in 2010. And if you get to Atlanta, anything can happen. One of these years, UF will lose again to FSU, Georgia, Kentucky or Tennessee. But this class might just push that day further into the future. It's sort of like making a long term investment. You know the cycle goes up and down and you just hope it finishes up.