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Tim Tebow The Preacher

Tim Tebow's father asked for a preacher and now he has one.

Today, Tebow appeared with President Barack Obama, Uncle Joe Biden, Secretary Hillary Clinton and BCS-buster Senator Orrin Hatch, among others at the National Prayer Breakfast. The President did not mention Tebow in his remarks, but Tebow did give the closing prayer. It also made at least a few Redskins fans wonder if Tebow would like playing in the District.

That was the second such event for Tebow this week. Following Tebow's Senior Bowl appearance, he was in West Virginia, speaking at the Big Atlantic Classic Tip-Off Banquet. There he spoke about the need for students to continue to follow their dreams and take action on them. He also snuck in some sarcastic comments about what NFL scouts have been saying about him.

Of course Tebow's big day will be Sunday, when his Focus On The Family airs during the Super Bowl. Not only has it introduced Tebow to a whole segment of the population, but that segment doesn't exactly like him either. First, there was the expected backlash from women's and gay groups (since Focus On The Family's favorite target after legalized abortion supporters are teh gheys). Then, Sarah Palin inserts herself into the crap storm. That was followed by people accusing Tebow's mother of lying. (The heavily Catholic Philippines has always banned abortion, in any form. The accusation is that Tebow's mother would not have been offered an abortion, making the commercial a sham. This ignores the fact that abortions are always accessible in the Philippines, especially to rich people.) Planned Parenthood followed by creating an ad to counter Tebow's, but will never get near your television. Tebow's ad even got a mention at media day, as Saints LB Scott Fujita (who came out in favor of gay marriage), was asked about the commercial. (If you're worried about catching teh ghey, don't click that link. It goes to The Advocate.)

Oh yeah, and Tebow's still preparing for the NFL Draft. No big deal.