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Alligator Army Off-Topic: The Return Of The Peyton Manning Face!

The Peyton Manning Face became famous thanks to Bill Simmons, but Florida Gator fans knew much earlier about the half shocked/half trying to take a dump face that Pey-Pey would use in high pressure moments. The face made its triumphant return Sunday night as Tracy Porter's pick six put the New Orleans Saints up for good, winning Super Bowl XLIV 31-17 against the Indianapolis Colts. (Note: I accurately picked the score, but had the teams wrong. Also, Timmy C won a lovely sum of money in his Super Bowl boxes pool.)

In my preview, I neglected to mention another reason why Gators fans should root for the Saints; Danny Wuerffel was a Saint and is one of many saving New Orleans. (Instead of becoming the public face of a right wing political organization trying to become mainstream.) It was absolutely hilarious watching Porter take it to the house and thinking that somewhere Wuerffel and Steve Spurrier were probably smiling. Almost as nice was Da U's Reggie Wayne becoming scared of contact and turning into a bum. Wayne was targeted 11 times and only caught five passes for 46 yards. 

The finale was just as hilarious; Manning running off the field, not shaking Drew Brees' or Sean Payton's hand, and showing that once you are a classless Tennessee Vol, you are always a classless Tennessee Vol. I hope Manning and Phil Fulmer can get over another loss with a few doughnuts while watching Citrus Bowl highlights. Oh, and FSU is officially giving up 12 football wins and a track National Championship. HOORAY!