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Can Tebow Say No To Anything?

This was the story at 5pm, Monday.

...look for Tebow to disappear from the headlines for a while. That was the word from his agent, Jimmy Sexton, on Monday.

Sexton, the Memphis-based agent, said Tebow has no more engagements of any kind lined up between now and the start of the NFL Combine on Feb. 24 in Indianapolis.

"It’s going to be nothing but football between now the Combine," Sexton said.

Now the story today at 3pm.

Former Florida QB Tim Tebow will be a grand marshal for the Daytona qualifying races Thursday.


Tebow's appearance is in conjunction with Gatorade, which sponsors those two races Thurs.

I'm glad that Tim Tebow is partnered with our beloved Gatorade. But, doesn't he have a throwing motion to fix? At what point does Tebow turn down someone looking to make a buck off him? The day of the Combine? The only things Tebow says no to are public educationriding a scooter with a helmetsex before marriage, and tobacco.