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OH NOES: Tebow Scores Below Average On Wonderlic

As if Tim Tebow needed something else to hurt his draft stock. From the Palm Beach Post;

Tebow scored slightly below average for an NFL quarterback on the Wonderlic test, a 12-minute, 50-question exam given at the Combine that assesses a person's learning and problem-solving abilities.

Tebow scored a 22 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test, an NFL source told the Post Wednesday. The score falls slightly below the average score for an NFL quarterback, which is 24. But the average for 30 quarterbacks slated to start in 2010 is even higher, at 28.5. And the average score among the past seven Super Bowl winners is a 30.1. 

There could be several reasons for scoring 22 out of 50. Tebow didn't prepare for the test, he's a bad test taker (I seem to remember this being a criticism of home schooled kids and the FCAT), or he isn't smart enough for the position (Tebow was better than the nationwide average of 21 or 20). However, the Wonderlic, like every IQ test, is criticized for too much focus on one thing and not enough focus on something else.

The Post story also mentions that Tebow would be 25th among current NFL starters according to his score. The real problem isn't the score, but where he finished. Tebow needs to make people think he is an elite quarterback prospect. Finishing in the Wonderlic behind Sam Bradford (36), Colt McCoy (25) and Jimmy Clausen (23) won't help. It's just another blemish on Tebow's resume.