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Gators In 2010 NCAA Tournament: Best And Worst Case Scenarios

We had so much fun with this in August for football season, it seems like a good idea to bring it back. Here are the best and worst case scenarios for notable teams in the NCAA Tournament.

Florida (West 10 seed):
Best Case Scenario: The Gators actually defend the 3-point line, shutting down BYU. The real stunner comes in the second round against Kansas State; Dan Werner goes off and scores 14 points, including the game winner off an offensive rebound. Florida loses to Pittsburgh in the Sweet Sixteen.

Worst Case Scenario: BYU's Jackson Emery shoots lights out as the Cougars defeat UF by 15 points. Chandler Parsons seriously injures his knee when Werner trips him during an inbound play. Mississippi State also wins the NIT, outscoring their opponents by an average of 20 points.

BYU (West 7 seed):
Best Case Scenario: Rolling through the bracket, BYU faces Syracuse in Salt Lake City for a chance at the Final Four. With famous Mormons Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney and the cast of "Big Love" in the house, BYU stuns the Orange, 81-79.

Worst Case Scenario: Following St. Patrick's Day, BYU can not stop a team coached by an Irish Catholic. Florida wins 71-64. Season 5 of "Big Love" opens with Bill Henrickson resigning his Utah Senate seat.

Florida State (West 9 seed):
Best Case Scenario: The Seminoles defeat Gonzaga and shock injury plagued Syracuse in the second round. They finally lose to Pitt in the Elite Eight. However, their place is revoked when it is revealed the entire team cheated on a music history test.

Worst Case Scenario: Florida Governor and FSU alum Charlie Crist joins the Noles since the Gonzaga game in Buffalo is on the way to a fundraiser/bill signing ceremony. FSU ends up losing by 32 points as everything Crist touches turns into a ball of suck or back wax. And, FSU's place is revoked when it is revealed the entire team cheated on a music history test.

Kansas (Midwest 1 seed):
Best Case Scenario: The Jayhawks win the National Championship, defeating Kansas State and Kentucky in the process. Sherron Collins is named Most Outstanding Player.

Worst Case Scenario: During their Final Four matchup, Kansas and K-State start a brawl. In the process, someone rips off Bill Self's hairpiece and throws it into the stands. Collins and Aldrich are ejected and the Wildcats are inspired, defeating Kentucky for the National Championship.

Tennessee (Midwest 6 seed):
Best Case Scenario: Bruce Pearl finally gets the monkey off his back and gets Tennessee into the Elite Eight. There, they lose 81-51 to Ohio State. Buckeye fans chant, "Big Ten! Big Ten!"

Worst Case Scenario: Former football coach Phil Fulmer is an invited guest of the Vols. The old coach is thrilled since the games are held at the Dunkin Donuts Center. But Fulmer has too many donuts and creates a pile of powdered sugar on the court. Wayne Chism slips and falls, banging his giant forehead in the process. Vols lose to San Diego State.

Kentucky (East 1 seed):
Best Case Scenario: Not only does Kentucky win, but John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson all return for another season. Kige Ramsey joins Michelle Beadle as co-host of ESPN's SportsNation. UK's 2010 and 2011 championships are later voided when it is revealed that Derrick Rose took John Wall's SAT tests for him.

Worst Case Scenario: The Texas team from December shows up and pounds Kentucky in their second round game. Calipari, Cousins, Wall and Patterson all leave for the NBA. Rick Pitino's son, Richard is named the new head coach.

West Virginia (East 2 seed):
Best Case Scenario: The Mountaineers win every game with a buzzer beater, including their first round game with Morgan State. Bob Huggins has a heart attack following WVU's win over Kentucky and misses the dramatic seven OT win over Kansas for the title. Delirious fans burn Morgantown to the ground.

Worst Case Scenario: WVU becomes the fifth 2 seed to lose their first round game. The Mountaineer mascot murders three people inside the arena in an "accident". 

Duke (South 1 seed):
Best Case Scenario: Duke cruises through the South region, defeating Notre Dame in the Elite Eight. Notre Dame had petitioned the NCAA to play the game in Rome to make up for BYU playing in Salt Lake City. However, Duke is crushed in the Final Four by Kentucky. DeMarcus Cousins breaks Kyle Singler's nose after swatting a layup.

Worst Case Scenario: Remembering that Mike Krzyzewski gave him a hard time for not picking the Blue Devils in 2009, President Barack Obama again picks Duke to not come out of their region. This inspires Coach K to lead his team to the South final, where they lose to Villanova, the same team that eliminated them in 2009.