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Happy St. Patrick's Day To You And Who All Seen The Leprechaun

Thanks to my Catholic and Irish heritage (no one does soul crushing guilt better!), St. Patrick's Day is always marked on the calendar well in advance. As always, be sure to celebrate responsibly; Guinness, Harp and Jameson. (Bushmills if you're Protestant or Evil Tim Tebow. Redbreast if you're rich.) If you're in an Irish bar, don't try to order a Black & Tan (Guinness & Bass). Black & Tans were the nickname given to British soldiers stationed in Ireland that were especially brutal prior to Irish independence. Black & Tan is still used as an insult for the English in Ireland. Instead of upsetting your bartender Kevin O'Brien, order a Half & Half, which is Guinness & Harp. Also, drink responsibly.

And, as always, I hope you find where the gold at.