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Tim Tebow Invited To NFL Draft

From ESPN;

On the heels of an impressive workout at Florida's pro day, league sources say that Tim Tebow is among those players who have been invited to New York for the NFL Draft, April 22-24. 

There are a few reasons for this; the NFL could think that Tebow will be drafted in the first round. Or because the first round is being televised for the first time in primetime, they wanted the most loved/hated college player of his generation there for ratings. At best, Tebow is drafted in the early first round. At worst, he doesn't get drafted and has to go back to the hotel at the end of the night.

Todd McShay was just on ESPN saying he was impressed by Tebow today, but still wouldn't draft him in the first two rounds. McShay deserves your scorn, but no matter the source, the story remains the same for Tebow; we really like him, just not as a first round draft pick.