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What We're Watching Today: 2010 NCAA Championship

The weak beginning for the Big East should get better today when No. 1 Syracuse faces No. 16 Vermont and No. 2 West Virginia gets No. 15 Morgan State. Cornell and Temple will be a nice matchup as the Big Red have become a trendy No. 12 over No. 5 pick. I'm looking for Siena to roll injured Purdue in a 13 over 4 game. Louisville and Cal should be a good game as they fight to upset Duke in round two. And of course, I'm rooting hard for Gonzaga to beat FSU.

To watch all these games free and online, you can use the NCAA March Madness on Demand, which is linked below. Click on the game you want to watch and it will pop up. If you have used it before and noticed a lag, that seems to have been fixed this year. Every year, the March Madness on Demand player gets better. /remembers waiting in "lobby" before I could watch games in 2006