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What We're Watching Today: 2010 NCAA Championship

It is a gorgeous day in most of Florida today, but the Tournament is on and the sun is always there, so you need to stay inside and enjoy the games. In a battle of Catholics at 1pm, Villanova will try to grow a pair against St. Mary's. During the 3pm hour, you need the NCAA March Madness On Demand player on your laptop with Murray St.-Butler and Ohio-Tennessee. While we always root for the SEC in bowl games, I am rooting hard for an Ohio stunner again today against the Vols. (Also, I was very happy to see FSU lose to Gonzaga. If I can't be happy, I don't want my enemies happy either.)

The 5pm cocktail hour games feature three majors against three mid-majors; Northern Iowa's foreign exchange program vs. Kansas, Old Dominion Brewing Company (the Pale Ale sounds lovely) vs. Baylor, and Washington vs. New Mexico. The 8pm hour is Wake Forest-Kentucky, and BYU attempting to pull off a Mormon miracle and defeat Kansas State for a chance to play a Sweet 16 game in Salt Lake City.

As always, you can watch the Tournament on NCAA March Madness On Demand. Click the game below and the magic of this series of tubes will whisk you away to exotic locales like Providence and Oklahoma City. We suggest having your local CBS affiliate on the TV and the next best option on your laptop, in full screen mode, sitting next to the TV. We also suggest using the Gus Johnson Soundboard to make things a little more exciting. HERE COMES THE PAIN!