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What We're Watching Today: 2010 NCAA Championship

Sunday's slate of games begins shortly and it will be hard to top yesterday's bracket busting win by Northern Iowa. The last overall No. 1 to lose was Kentucky in 2004 and Kansas did have a tough bracket, but when a huge favorite falls, it sends shock waves. Syracuse will hope to avoid that same fate in Buffalo against Gonzaga. Late in Buffalo, West Virginia plays Mizzou. We hope either one of those games turns into a Gus Johnson Special. HERE COMES THE PAIN!

The only two non-chalk games are No. 10 Georgia Tech vs. No. 2 Ohio State, and No. 12 Cornell vs. No. 4 Wisconsin. With the Badgers less than outstanding history in the tournament, the Big Red might be our upset of the day. Two 5 vs. 4 matchups are Michigan State-Maryland, Texas A&M-Purdue. Xavier-Pitt is a 6-3 game in the West Region at Milwaukee, and Duke plays Cal in Jacksonville to end the day.

As always, you can use NCAA March Madness on Demand to track the games and get your fix of awful Capital One commercials. Click the game below and the internets will take you to your game of choice for free.