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Your Chance To Improve SB Nation

At the top of the FanPosts is a link to a survey SB Nation is conducting this week. The survey is no different from what magazines or newspapers do to judge their readership. There are standard demographic questions like age and gender. But there are also questions about what sports you like the most and what technology you use on a daily basis. This is where you as a reader can impact what SB Nation does going forward.

Since I have started writing here in August of 2007, there have been dozens of changes and dozens of new sites added. With nearly every professional and major college team covered, the next set of changes will be based on what else you want. More regional coverage, so you can get Gators, Bucs, Magic and Marlins news at one location? A better mobile site to access on your Blackberry or iPhone? This survey is your opportunity to tell our developers all of that.

Go here and follow the link to the survey. It is about 30 questions, but a lot better than doing work or listening to your wife talk about her day at work. There is a charity competition involved, but Alligator Army doesn't have a large enough readership to win. But, you'll be able to take some pride if you suggest a Little League blog and "Road to South Williamsport" is created this summer.