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Deonte Thompson On John Brantley: "A Real Quarterback"

Gators WR Deonte Thompson began the process today of endearing himself to the UF fans who love Tim Tebow first and forever. From the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler;

WR Deonte Thompson on diff b/t Tebow and Brantley: "With Brantley, everything with rhythm, with time. You know, a real quarterback."

Maybe Thompson was taken out of context, but the Miami Herald's Joseph Goodman also noted it. The Tebow diehards will point out that Thompson only caught 24 passes for 343 yards. Thompson has no grounds to talk about who is a better quarterback.

Those taking a more objective view would note that Thompson was the third read, so he wouldn't get thrown to, despite the presence of his right hand in the air and spinning around. Also that Thompson is just pointing out what everyone else has; John Brantley's ball will make sorority girls swoon and bloggers give him nicknames. (I like Johnny 'Guitar' Brantley after the blues man and Pearl Jam song.) 

Hopefully this means that Deonte is going to score more than four touchdowns this season, too.

[Note by mlmintampa, 03/22/10 7:09 PM EDT ] Fowler's blog post includes more from Thompson and his preference of Brantley over Tebow.