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Brandon Knight Will Not Be Coming To Florida

Back-to-Back Gatorade National Player of The Year Brandon Knight will not be coming to Gainesville. The Gators have dropped out of the running for the Pine Crest guard. From Scout;, according to a source, learned that Florida took itself out of contention for Knight's services. The move will do nothing except fuel the theory that Kentucky is in the driver's seat for Knight.

The Gainesville Sun talks about where UF goes next;

With Knight off UF’s list, the Gators will likely turn their attention to 6-foot-1, 210-pound Ray McCallum, a Detroit area standout point guard. But McCallum could end up playing for his father at Detroit Mercy. McCallum, the 15th ranked point guard in the Class of 2010, also is being pursued heavily by Arizona.

Scout also notes how this impacts the 2011 class. With Knight totally out of the picture, UF can rebuild their recruiting connection with Austin Rivers, who is now being wooed by Duke.