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Sad, But True? Walter Hodge's National Championship Ring On eBay [Updated]

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We have an email in to the seller to confirm, but it appears that Walter Hodge's 2005-06 National Championship ring could be yours for only $12,500. (HT: J-Fenn) The ring is listed on eBay and features enough pictures to make it believable. The seller also has a 1997-98 Kentucky basketball ring for sale, but has blocked out who owned the UK ring. There are several other rings for sale, as well.

Until we hear from the seller, we won't know if Hodge is selling because he needs/wants money or if it is for charity. We also don't know if Hodge is making money off this, or if he has already sold the ring and this guy is flipping it. But, since Hodge ended his senior season, he has struggled to find a solid team. He had been playing for the Puerto Rico Capitanes of the Premier Basketball League, but was released on March 12. Hodge played eight games, averaging 6.6ppg. 

Whatever the circumstances behind Hodge's ring on eBay, we do hope it finds a good Gator home.

[Update, 03/24/10 12:56 PM EDT] In a reply back from the eBay seller, a friend of Hodge is the source of the ring. Hodge either sold or gave the ring to the friend. The eBay seller says he plans on donating $1000 of the final sale price to the charity of the buyer's choice.