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Tim Tebow Enters "SHUT THE F-UP"Gate

You know how everyone got a kick out of an unnamed NFL prospect telling Tim Tebow to, "Shut the f-up," prior to Wonderlic testing? Now, Tebow is putting himself out there by saying it never happened. From Pro Football Talk, which broke the original story;

"Not one single word of it is true," Tebow told me...

"One of the number one things for me is being someone of character and when I say something people can take it to the bank," Tebow said.  "That story is absolutely not true."

Tebow then named several of the other players who were in the room, and he invited me to check his version with each of them.

Tebow explained that he said nothing to the group of roughly 100 players, and he said that he spoke only to BYU quarterback Max Hall.

Myself and probably all Gator fans are inclined to believe Tebow, rather than PFT's Mike Florio, who seems to be on an anti-Tebow quest. (Even Todd McShay backed off that.) Tebow's claim makes this a, "He said, he said," with the unnamed league source of the original claim now called out by our boy. Florio will keep "digging" because letting the story die or becoming part of lore would be too easy.

However, I do think it was strange for Tebow (and agent Jimmy Sexton) to bring it back up. If you were insulted by Tebow asking people to pray before an NFL IQ test, you probably didn't like Tebow in the first place. The people who do like Tebow will just use it to back him up more. It's not like Tebow didn't know a Tampa 2 or 46 Defense, which would hurt his draft stock. Besides, Tebow is a goofy home schooled kid. Thinking everyone is cool with a group-wide prayer before you take an IQ test fits with that personality.