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What We're Watching Tonight: 2010 NCAA Championship Sweet 16

Awww, yeahhhh back on the hardwood yo. Tonight from the bustling metropolises of Salt Lake City and Syracuse, NCAA Sweet 16 action begins with two No. 1s and two No. 2s in action. In the 7pm hour, No. 1 Syracuse faces No. 5 Butler in the West Region Semifinals. In the East Semis, No. 2 West Virginia meets sort of Cinderella No. 11 Washington. Shortly after 9:30pm, No. 2 Kansas State plays No. 6 Xavier in the West, with the game of the day following; No. 1 Kentucky vs. the real Cinderella No. 12 Cornell. Since our bracket is busted, I'm rooting for chaos, especially in Salt Lake where Gus Johnson Soundboard is located.

In addition to the Gus Johnson Soundboard, remember to keep track of the NCAA Championship with March Madness on Demand. If your local CBS is showing one game, but your mortgage is riding on the other, March Madness on Demand gives you the ability to watch both games at the same time. And in HD, too! Click on the game you want to watch below and you will be magically transported to the Carrier Dome or Energy Solutions Arena.