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Tim Tebow's Father Prayed For A Preacher And Got A 1st Round Draft Pick?

The closer we get to the NFL Draft, the more likely it seems Tim Tebow will be drafted in the first or second round. Today's story is straight from Bob Tebow, Tim's father. He told a Jacksonville radio host that, "If the Jaguars don't take him at 10, he will be gone by 15...They don't have a second round pick and if they think he will be around later, he won't." The story was posted March 20, but Pro Football Talk published it today, giving it legs. 

Bob Tebow is obviously a proud parent, but he is also a man with some business sense as evidenced by his very successful Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association. How much of his statement is fact or opinion is up for debate. But, the NFL did invite Tebow to the Draft and Tebow is getting as many workouts as the top quarterbacks like Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen. Also, teams like the Patriots and Redskins have the picks to use on Tebow, something Jacksonville lacks.

Everyone seems to agree Tebow is rough around the edges. Everyone also seems to agree that it is very impressive for Tebow to fix a throwing motion in three months. The body does not adjust well to change (try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand). If Tebow actually pulls this off, it is another example of his mental strength, which cannot be taught. Tebow will not top Bradford as the first quarterback selected. But his mental strength could put him ahead of Colt McCoy and closer to Clausen. That might be enough to be a first round draft pick.