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You Paid $102,000 So Bobby Bowden Could Keep 12 Wins

We may disagree on if Urban Meyer was right to rip a reporter at practice. But, we all agree that it is fun to rip on FSU.

You might remember that FSU showed their athletes in ten sports how to cheat on tests. The NCAA found out and decided to remove victories from the Noles, including 12 from Bobby Bowden. While that was happening, Florida media outlets sued under the Florida public records law, claiming that since FSU's athletic department is funded by public tax dollars, their files are public too. What was the total price tag for defending FSU from the evil NCAA and the more evil media?

The university paid the Gray Robinson law firm of Tallahassee for representing it in appealing part of the NCAA penalty and to defend a public records suit brought by media organizations.

The university spent $70,000 of boosters' money to appeal the penalties and more than $102,000 in tax dollars to unsuccessfully fight the public records requests. The school provided its legal costs Wednesday.

It's not like that $102,000 could have been used to save more teaching jobs, but it again shows how reliant FSU sports is on your tax dollars. (Unlike Florida's UAA.) Of all the stuff Government should pay for, defending a bunch of cheaters should not be one of them.