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What We're Watching Tonight: 2010 NCAA Championship Sweet 16

First, let us observe the brilliance that was Gus Johnson during the Xavier-Kansas State game. (I love the understated elegance of Len Elmore, too.)

Tonight, we are rooting HARD for Ohio State to defeat Tennessee. Sure, Florida played OSU in the 2006 football and 2007 basketball championship games. Yes, Billy Packer and Jim Nantz spent the 2007 game slurping up Greg Oden and not future NBA star Al Horford. (dunks, shakes in front of camera). But, Tennessee is my permanent enemy. I enjoy the state of Tennessee and Jack Daniel is a close friend, but I hate the University of Tennessee. 

The Buckeyes and Vols start the night, with St. Mary's-Baylor following in the South Region from Houston. As a Catholic, we're rooting for the Gaels, which is a name of an Irish warrior. Your 9pm hour games begin with Michigan State-Northern Iowa from St. Louis in the late Midwest Semifinal. While I am rooting for chaos, the Spartans always seem to win these games. Duke and Purdue follow about 20 minutes later.

If you're at the computer tonight or have one of those fancy phones with the TV on it, use March Madness on Demand to track the games. The widget below will hook you up with your game of choice. Click away and hope for a night as great as Thursday's games were.