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Exclusive Video Of Urban Meyer Apologizing To Jeremy Fowler!

Here's the video of Urban Meyer apologizing to the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler after Meyer confronted him on Wednesday.

Ok, maybe that wasn't it, but Meyer did privately apologize to Fowler after today's practice, ending our long Gator Nation nightmare. Both seemed to have handled today's meeting professionally. Of course, today's meeting wouldn't have been needed if both acted professionally Wednesday.

Meyer spent more than 20 minutes with the Orlando Sentinel's Jeremy Fowler following spring practice. Fowler declined to divulge details of the discussion, but called it a "constructive" conversation and said he accepted Meyer's apology...

Meyer requested a meeting with Fowler on Saturday and they spoke in private on the practice field. Fowler said Meyer's primary concern was defending his player.

"If he feels like one of his players gets wounded emotionally or physically or in any way, he wants to support that," Fowler said.

However, I think a better apology by Meyer would be a sizable donation to the Weimer Scholarship Fund