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Can You Play QB? Are You Available For The Orange & Blue Game?

For the first time in Urban Meyer's tenure, Florida has to worry about quarterback. John Brantley is the quarterback, but behind him is true freshman Trey Burton, redshirt freshman TE Jordan Reed and punter Chas Henry. Combined starts at QB? Zero. Out of those four, Henry is the only one who has played meaningful time.

Brantley has not been tested either mentally or physically, which is why it is so important for Burton to get into the swing of things immediately. UF has never stockpiled quarterbacks, but it's been a while since UF has been in the position of grooming a new starter. In practice, all three backups have seen action, thanks to Brantley feeling ill lately. With the Orange & Blue Game on April 10, you could see Brantley and Burton play the entire game not of necessity. As scary as it might be to have a TE and punter as the 3rd and 4th quarterbacks, remember that this offense will be more pro style. The quarterback will not have to take on a blind side blitz (like Tim Tebow's concussion play) and get to hand the ball off instead of running on their own.